Site Management Division of Clinfound provides support to ensure the successful outcome of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries and a clinical trial site.

We have developed effective and stable relationships with many highly experienced, qualified and enthusiastic Clinical Investigators and hospitals throughout the country. This includes single practitioners, large single and multi-specialty practices, physician networks, hospital based physicians, and academic medical centers. All of the Investigators in our network have been evaluated to ensure they not only are qualified to conduct clinical trials, but have the patient population and research orientation. We provide the administrative capabilities required to properly conduct clinical trials at these sites.  We only present those Investigators meeting the specific selection criteria outlined by the Sponsor or CRO. This eliminates a significant amount of time and expense when attempting to qualify, enroll, and initiate a site.

It is not just the strength and commitment of our Investigators that is the foundation of our success, but the experience and dedication of the Clinical Research Executives assisting these physicians in the preparation and conducting of these trials.

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Higher patient retention
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